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Sacrifice Icons

My legendland review of Sacrifice in icons.  I loved this episode for so many reasons and give it a 5 (out of 5).

LotS Recast - A Legendland Challenge

So our latest challenge was to recast LotS characters with other actors...not that I'd ever want to do that, but hey, I wanted to get my 50 points!!  It wasn't hard to figure out what theme I would choose -- I only had to think of my most favorite movie ever in the whole wide world!! 

The Princess Bride ~ LotS Recast

As you wish....Collapse )

50 Shades Trilogy

Read them.  Loved them. 

A Place All Their Own: OneShot

Title: A Place All Their Own
Author: jlyncss
Characters/Pairings: Richard/Kahlan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,130

Written for legendland challenge.  Picture prompts.  I choose the wooden bridge:


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LL Journey Book: Identity Review (icons)

My icon review for legendland

One of the more cheezy episodes in my opinion though I did love Old Shota :'(  

I give it a rating of 2. 

The #LoveSmudge Tweet

I'm feeling pretty darn happy about Craig Horner's tweet to me. 

But I'm also feeling pretty bad because it all started with my Seeker Sisterevelyngrace87's  fantastically awesome autographed picture from Criagee which you can see here

Her photo began a flurry of #LoveSmudge tweets, one of which I sent to Craig --- and he replied!! (insert *flail* here) :D 


Needless to say, I nearly fainted...because he's so awesomely sweet to read our tweets, let alone reply.  I wish he would have replied to both our tweets (it was Evie's smudge after all!) but I can't help but be thrilled he replied to mine!! 

Hope you don't hate me Sister, you'll have the original #LoveSmudge forever.  I'm gonna cling to my tweet just a little while longer. Luv you!!

The Fury Within

Author:  JlynCSS
Title:  The Fury Within
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,025

Summary:  Richard struggles with the magic of the Sword and his rage within. 

Originally written for a legendland challenge but I was late in submitting.  I like how it came out so I'm posting anyway.  My image prompt was submitted by evelyngrace87 Thank you Evie!! <333  :)

Rage issues through me unabatedCollapse )

Listener Icon Review for Legendland

My submission for legendland Nothing unique or fancy here.


Episode Rating: 4

Gotta love Richard watching Kahlan sleep. <333333   (And Renn -- worlds cutest brat, LOL).

Icon review of Brennidon episode for legendland.


Episode Rating: 2

So not one of my favorite episodes, but I did really love the way lighting was used throughout and decided to base my icon review on that.

A Nightwisps Tale

Title:  A Nightwisps Tale
Author:  JlynCSS
Rating: PG
Words:  1,200

Summary:  Written for legendland challenge ~ Fairytale of the Midlands prompt.  The Nightwisps share a tale of a future Confessor finding true love.

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LOVE this Fandom!!!

I am flailing over the awesomeness of this fandom.  I always knew Seeker had the nicest fans anywhere, but I was just blown away by all the birthday love today!!  THANK YOU ALL!!!! <333333

The amount of tweets that came in was truly overwhelming *tears up*

Also, just wanted to give a special thank you to some of the loveliest Seekers I know:  
lotslovercss  evelyngrace87 zephyrmyst mcc2040 (her birthday is today too -- how awesome is THAT!!?) asheebizzle2 and sandimist for filling my timeline with fun, yummy pics/vids <333333333  (under the cut) 

THANK YOU LADIES!!!!!! You made my birthday awesome!!! 

Yummy pictures...Collapse )

LotSeeker Fic Award Nominations

2012 LotSeeker Fic Awards are in full swing!  Thank you to everyone who has followed my stories!! Some of you review and some of you don't, but I hope you all enjoy!  And a special thanks to those of you who nominated my fics.

Voting for all nominated fics can be found HERE

Links to my own Nominated stories are below:

Richard/Kahlan Category

Kahlan's Perdition  Best Drama, Best Oneshot/Drabble
Fruition  Best Action/Adventure  
Night Unexpected  Best Romance
A Battle of Wills   Best Smut
Fair's Fair   Best Canon 
Kahlan and the Khal  Best Dark Fic/Horror

Best Crossover

Kahlan and the Khal   (Game of Thrones)

Best Portrayals

Kahlan and the Khal   Best Richard
Kahlan and the Khal  Best Kahlan

Happy Birthday Craigee!

So in case you somehow missed it...we finally found what Craig Horner's been up to all this time...and on his birthday, no less!   He's been rocking out with his new band Earth For Now!

And for those who may not have had a chance to check out Facebook or CSS...here's a couple pics:

And...the video!!

How is this man so gorgeous??

A little sidetracked lately....how could I not be.  UNF.   Love that smile.




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